A Brief Guide To Hybrid Cloud In 2018


A Brief Guide To Hybrid Cloud In 2018


Like any technology, cloud computing too is subject to changes. If you’re still continuing with the same old processes and security standards in cloud computing, particularly hybrid cloud, as last year, it’s time to embrace the trends of twenty-eighteen. Before we head into hybrid cloud developments in the New Year, let’s step back and see whether you’ve jumped on the cloud computing bandwagon yet. According to Gartner, by 2020, a "no-cloud" policy in the corporate world will be as rare as a "no-internet" policy. Architected right, hybrid cloud computing offers unsurpassed data integrity, as well as flexibility. As an IT leader, you can maintain a perfect record of safekeeping sensitive, confidential data, both on-premise and on-cloud, while facilitating deployment operations across your company’s network. We take a look at changes you need to consider to strengthen your hybrid cloud operations.

From Adoption to Optimization

We’re past the stage where IT leaders were just getting to know about cloud. At this point, due to large amounts of data stored and processed on the cloud, and the security issues associated with these operations, IT leaders are shifting their attention toward better optimization. Cloud management tools and specialists are well in demand.

Industry-Specific Clouds

When it comes to cloud spaces and cloud management services, businesses have unique needs and requirements, largely dictated by the structure of their workforce and regulations of their industry. In order to help businesses streamline cloud computing environment, industry-specific hybrid clouds are on the rise.

Cost Reduction Measures Persist

A few years back, organizations around the global adopted public cloud, believing that it would be the next big step toward containing costs—and it was…to a certain extent. Today, businesses are much more diligent in assessing the ROI delivered by new-gen cloud offers. A custom hybrid configuration, designed to meet the unique requirements of a business is preferred to rev up agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Cost Reduction Measures

Containers, Orchestration, And Microservices

When moving to the hybrid cloud model, you require better tools and strategies, to achieve optimum levels of performance and security on-premise and in-cloud aspects. Trends such as containers and microservices are set to gain more traction. Before you decide on adopting any of these trends, remember to start off with choosing reliable technology partners. We accompany your organization to lead you through these complex changes successfully. Contact us today for an all-access pass to comprehensive technology solutions and IT consulting services.