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we want to join you for the
journey not a passing moment


Who we are is more than our resumes, degrees, certifications, and experiences.  Unfortunately, our world attempts to define a person based on these parameters.  Who a person is comes from within, that which rules over one’s heart, desires and most importantly how he or she values others.  Yes, our experience is essential in which we have in abundance, but everyone desires to build relationships with people they trust.  Know this about us: you can trust New Light with your least to utmost decisions.  As our client, we value your trust above all other qualities.  We believe every client is unique and should be treated as such.

Every business is distinctive and has a personality, culture, and customers they serve.  We don’t believe clients should be forced into boxes or sold a solution without first understanding the dilemma.  We want our viewpoint to be from your shoes, listening without an agenda, grasping the pain and understanding the depth of the situation.

We come alongside our clients in all stages of their business creation and growth.  We want to join you for the journey not a passing moment.


Glorifying God’s one and only Son by making a lasting impact for His kingdom on earth through the faithful service of our employees, clients, partners, and community.


To bring forth light and practical business solutions to challenging and difficult business circumstances resulting from business transformation, market disruptions, growth, downsizing, reorganization, mergers, and acquisitions.


About Us

To seek to understand our clients through listening and being empathic to their business challenges.

About Us

To be unhinged from biases and develop business solutions for our clients that solve problems with creativity and efficiency.

About Us

To build lasting relationships with our clients, employees and partners centered on trust and integrity.

About Us

To accept that disagreements are unavoidable but to honor one another with grace, gentleness, humility, and respect.

About Us

To grasp that words mean nothing unless we take meaningful and purposeful action.


Our leadership team’s greatest strength is understanding they are called to serve.  However, serving is far more than working for New Light.  To be of great value to our clients, employees, and partners, our leaders must first have a solid foundation.  That foundation begins with our leaders being invested in their relationship with God, their local church, spouses, children and the community.

From an experience perspective, our leadership team has broad and diverse knowledge along multiple industry lines.  They have been involved with large companies and small companies alike and have seen numerous and wide-ranging challenges.  They have built, bought and sold businesses.  They have an extensive appreciation for technology challenges and how, if left unchecked, can lead to revenue disruption which negatively impacts the organization and its customers.  Our leadership team is comprised of former CEOs, Investors, Chief Sales Officers, CIOs and CTOs.


100 N. Central Expressway,
Suite 700, Richardson,
Texas 75080
Tel: (800)-674-2977
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 San Francisco
240 E. Gish Road
San Jose, Califonia 95112
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 Washington DC
2001 North Beauregard Street,
Suite 600
Alexandria, Virginia 22311
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#15, 4th C Cross, Industrial Layout,
5th Block,Koramangala,
Bangalore,India 560034
Tel: (080)-65694700
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