A Brief Guide To Hybrid Cloud In 2018


Like any technology, cloud computing too is subject to changes. If you’re still continuing with the same old processes and security standards in cloud computing, particularly hybrid cloud, as last year, it’s time to embrace the trends of twenty-eighteen. (more…)

How Business Intelligence (BI) Can Enhance an Organization’s Efficiency


Business Intelligence software can help an organization highlight its strength and weaknesses. But can BI help take your business to the next level?

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics is a process that makes it easier for corporate executives and think-tanks to process large blocks of data. The process makes use of reliable software that converts data from all wings of a business, and consolidates it into a small, easy to understand report.

This makes it easier for managers and directors to make educated decisions as it allows them to predict the future of the company.

1.   Accelerates the Decision Making Process:

Given the fact that the open market is unforgiving and windows of opportunities are ver...

Importance of Strategic Planning for Businesses in Today’s Landscape


In today’s day and age, strategic planning is more than just a conference room buzzword; it’s a necessity! In fact, many industry experts have directly attributed the failure of countless businesses to a lack of strategic plan.

Without a sense of direction—a blueprint—businesses lack focus, and can’t hope to compete in the open market.

Here’s why strategic planning is of the utmost importance in today’s ever-changing landscape.

1.   Provides Direction:

In its essence, a strategic plan serves a roadmap for an organization and helps bridge the gap between a company’s mission and vision. Not only that, a strategic plan also provides a sense of direction and clarity to an organization.

This eliminates confusion fr...

Leveraging Software-Defined Networking


Outdated security networks, slow IT function processing rates, and high network security risks are among the many concerns companies face into today’s age of information technology.  By leveraging software-defined networking, enterprises can alleviate many of their fears and worries by witnessing more efficient control of their IT resources, higher flexibility, and not to forget, greater security protection from data breaches.  However, the question many IT executives may be wondering is, what exactly is software-defined networking? And what advantages can it bring to their organization?  Let’s look into these topics in detail.