Our Approach



We believe our approach is the essential element and the “heart” of our client relationships. It is an indispensable part of the foundation that we lay with each client. It is more than words or a model; we internalize, and it is how we interact with every client.

Our Approach

Building Awareness

We need to develop an appreciation for how our clients run their business, their products and services, how the supply chain functions, how it is delivered, and who their customers are, in addition to their organizational leadership, departments, geographic disbursement, and short-mid-long-term plans. To truly understand our clients we need to hear their story. How the business started and their vision and mission for the future.

Our Approach

Document & Diagnosis

To understand the symptoms, we first research the cause. Diagnosing the problem requires looking at it from multiple angles which include people, processes, and technology. Examining the issue comprises of speaking with individuals with varying roles, functions and departments. Many times people see the problem from a different viewing perspective providing insight that is highly valuable. We focus on completely defining the problem and validating the cause before prescribing potential solutions.

Our Approach

Solution Framing

The solution framing process is like a puzzle in which we work closely with our clients to connect the dots. It is brainstorming solutions and validating that we have not missed any critical insight. As we progress through this activity, we work closely with our clients to confirm the potential ideas address the business holistically and avoidance of blindspots. At the end of the session, we rationalize the two to three most plausible paths forward that has the capability of solving the problem.

Our Approach

Research & Analyze

As we work with your team to advance through the process, our team begins to shift focus and a majority of our time and attention is the development of the potential solutions. This phase involves a practical and multifaceted understanding of each solution and potential obstacles to implementation. During this step, we carefully examine requirements such as skills, finances, impact, sustainability, and timing. Once this segment is complete we move into the final stage.

Our Approach

Present & Gather Feedback

The final step is the presentation of the proposed solutions to all key stakeholders. Our team dedicates time to perform an in-depth review of each solution, why it solves the problem, advantages, disadvantages, cost, timing, and requirements. It also incorporates such elements as timing, implementation and setting expectations for the future. The goal of the meeting is to have an open forum in which individuals can voice concerns, feedback and their level of confidence in the solutions being recommended. Ultimately, we focus on helping our clients reach unanimity and resolving any shortfalls by fine-tuning the proposed solutions.


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