Process Innovation

Charting New Territory Begins With Unlocking Your Organization's Capacity

Process Innovation

In today’s economy, the velocity of change is unparalleled. Transformation and disruption have become the new normal in business. The question becomes: What decisions, actions, and investments should you make to stay ahead of your competition? The expectations from customers are higher than ever, requiring employees to achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency. So, how do businesses tap into their potential and eliminate waste? Expanding the capacity of your business is not just a question of hiring more labor but changing your frame of reference. The challenge is to find ways to increase capacity while limiting increases in cost of goods sold (COGS) and operating expenses (OpEx), which impacts net profit positively.

Too often the “quick-fix” formula is to hire more labor as top lines grow. The effectiveness of this traditional strategy is in question. Today, we need a deeper understanding of how our employees are utilizing their time. Systematic examination of our employees’ time uncovers waste in the form of manual forms; labor-intensive processes; physical re-keying data into separate systems; and many other types of time misuse. For our businesses to move beyond the status quo, leadership must identify, capture and maximize employee time.

New Light has a proven methodology for analyzing our client's environments by observing how employees work, utilize their time and interact with technology. We emphasize understanding the total amount of time available and explicitly determine how each hour is spent. These in-depth examinations are the only way to isolate untapped capacity to drive increased productivity and efficiency. Once current processes have been captured, our team rationalizes the best methods for eliminating economic waste.

We build a logical case based on data which allows you to see the impact of labor seepage and the results of low-value tasks being performed by high-dollar employees. From there, our team leads you through a detailed digital transformation plan by focusing on automation, integration and electronic workflows. We will prove out the one-time investment cost and show you the long-term impact on capacity, productivity and net profit.


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