Business Intelligence

Choosing The Right Path Requires Understanding the Data and Adjusting To The Truth

Business Intelligence

We no longer live in a world where business leaders should be subjected to making uninformed decisions. The age and time in which we live is one of constant connectivity, filled with sensors, connectors and end-points leading to a wealth of data. The mass collection of data can be highly relevant in providing a business key insight and understanding before making critical business decisions. However, more often than not, there are technology gaps that exist which prevent business leadership from visualizing data, and understanding key business metrics before making critical decisions.

New Light comes alongside our clients to address the common gaps in business intelligence systems to address deficiencies and build out indispensable platforms that propel the organization well into the future to make evidence based decisions. We never begin with a product or service. The selection of a tool or package is the result, not the beginning. The starting point begins with our business intelligence consultants collaborating with your organization’s leadership team.

We work closely with the business to define what crucial information and data points are required. This step also includes speaking with various department leaders and determining the relevant data from their view point. Second, our team performs an analysis focusing on where the data is located and the quality of the data. Our inquiry includes determining how the data can be extracted and dealing with potential data integrity issues. Third, our team works through solution options for developing a sustainable architecture which creates a conduit for data to be collected, sorted, visualized and placed into useful containers. Fourth, and finally, our team determines the most plausible solution options which include the financial limitations, , skills, tools, and process to achieve success.

We provide business intelligence services throughout the United States. Our clients work with us in all stages from the beginning of developing a business intelligence platform to tweaking or adding additional functionality to well-performing solutions.


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