The Power of Leveraging Global IT Resources


The Power of Leveraging Global IT Resources


Too often in our business climate, many organizations in America can have misperceptions regarding the utilization of global information technology resources. Unfortunately, these conversations tend to focus on cost, but there are numerous other factors of consideration which are frequently downplayed. One of those dynamics is the constant state of change that has become commonplace in the digital age. These consistent changes play themselves out in various forms such as launching new service and product lines, opening new markets, acquisitions, restructuring and a host of other instigators.  Change alone is not the only strain but rather the velocity and speed in which they move. The faster the pace of change exposes weaknesses in our delivery models which requires transformation to become nimble, swift and responsive.  

So, the question becomes how does information technology keep up with the tempo of business? One obvious but an often overlooked fact is maintaining a healthy, robust and well-skilled information technology team. Attempting to meet this requirement by hiring only domestic-based resources in the United States can be an immense struggle and time-consuming task.  In fact,  recently reported there are more than 500,000 open and unfilled computing jobs nationwide.  While at the same time there are less than 43,000 computer science graduates (annual average) which are creating a significant shortage of domestic-based resources. Attempting to keep up with the demands of the digital age of business requires that we reinvent service delivery models that leverage a multi-angled approach.       

One crucial element to overcoming this challenge is developing a strong partnership with a firm that has robust global IT resources.  By taking this step forward and adequately integrating into your business, it can and will solve specific issues associated with productivity, capacity and most importantly keeping up with the change of business.